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What we do


Wilbers-Werkstätten GmbH specializes in the implementation of your wishes. Based on advanced software and qualified employees, we can use 2D and 3D modelling to implement your ideas in the form of concrete, high-quality overall projects.

We offer the complete project execution, but also implement sub-projects optimally for you. The execution takes place both at the customer’s or on your own and involves the engineering of products, processes or machines. Our range ranges from development to implementation and commissioning, both for customizations and for completely new products.


Decades of experience in mechanical engineering and plant engineering

Company foundation

Founded G. Wilbers Metaalbewerking & Machinerevisie by Gerhard Wilbers as a sole proprietorship.


The entry of the son Herbert Wilber into the company, whereby the legal form changes in G. Wibers v.o.f. (= GBR).


Moving the complete production to Germany to the industrial area in Gildehaus and founding Wilbers Metall GmbH


Exit of Gerhard Wilbers from management and takeover of machine instance and production support

Second manufacturing site

Construction of a second manufacturing body (Stockholmerstrasse 8) in Gildehaus.

Sheet-metal processing

Start of sheet metal processing at Wilbers Metall GmbH by the purchase of CNC Cantbank, CNC sheet metal scissors, CNC water jet system, etc.

Founding Wilbers Lifting GmbH

Brothers Herbert and Marc Wilbers founded Wilbers Lifting GmbH, with the portfolio being expanded to include magnet technology including engineering and cabinet construction.

First CNC laser system

Expand the sheet metal department by purchasing a CNC laser.

Third manufacturing site

Construction of a third production site (Stockholmerstrasse 5) in Gildehaus for larger components in the steel construction and magnetic systems sector

Investor accession

Investor Werkstätten GmbH joins the Wilbers Group 50%, renaming the company Wilbers-Werkstätten GmbH


Move to the new production hall at 61 Luxemburgerstraße.

New laser system

Commissioning of a new 6KW CO2 laser with automatic stopa sheet bearings and loading unit, as well as a second cantbank.


Certification for UL 142, G 0304, EN 1090-1, EN 3834-2.

Expansion of the sheet metal department

Expansion of the sheet metal department with an additional 3.2 and 5 KW CO2 laser, a CNC 4-roll roller, a CNC machining center and a CNC-4 axis milling machine.


Certifications for printing equipment policy module H/H1 and ISO 9001:2015.

Expansion of production

Expansion of production by a CNC welding robot.

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